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service diagram - MediumWe provide consultancy and training in a variety of specialist fields including, but not limited to:

BethAri is an approved NAFDAC consultancy with extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical drug product registration requirements in Nigeria and Europe.  In addition, BethAri consultants have provided in depth training to NAFDAC GMP inspectors and helped build capacity with respect to establishing a QMS infrastructure in delivering the Agency’s road plan to PIC/S accession ambitions.

BethAri has provided training to NAFDAC staff and GMP inspectors covering a broad range of Quality Assurance related topics including;

Our expert knowledge and experience of business management tools ensure we utilise the most appropriate tool and concepts for your business including Total Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing, Effective use of Information Technology for Competitive Advantage and Statistical Analysis Driven Process Optimisation (e.g. Six Sigma and Design of Experiment tools to help modern day businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and make better decisions to help optimise the use of labour and resources.