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Business Management & Training Services

1. Project Management

Our project management training course is bespoke and designed to enable participants attain the objectives of the organisation within a finite time whilst honouring the preconceived constraints of scope, cost & quality. The fundamentals of project management will be presented to all stakeholders. This would enable all decision makers charged with the responsibility of ownership of the project the basics for understanding the fundamentals in ensuring that systems, people and resources generally are in place to meet the organisation’s objectives.

Our project management program typically comprises two modules (Basic & Advanced) which overview project definition, resource allocation & costing of project, planning, monitoring, controlling and closing of a project. The basic scheduling module training programme will enable participants amongst other things;
Create project plans at an appropriate level of detail for their organisation.
Manage tasks, costs, work, and resources required for their organisations products / processes.
Track & manage project plans throughout project execution.

The Advanced scheduling module is usually targeted to dedicated project managers who will have day to day responsibility for the use of resource pools, consolidated projects, and cross project links to extend project management focus across multiple projects. In addition, advanced scheduling will enable participants gain further knowledge on how to integrate the project plans of external contractors with that of their organisation where applicable.

2. Change Management

The importance of effective change management towards the attainment of organisational improvement within a business unit is a shared goal with all stake holders. Managing change successfully is a core skill for achieving business leaders, project teams and individuals in any 21st century organisation. It is against this backdrop that our change management training and support activities are tailor made to suit your individual business needs. Our approach to effectively managing change begins with an active engagement of all stakeholders to;
Identify the need for change and build consensus among customers and stakeholders on specific changes designed to better meet their needs. Part of this exploratory session will involve gap analysis of the skills of the personnel in implementing change effectively.
Examine the whole subject of organisational culture and explore details on central cultural questions of ethics and values etc. as directly relevant to the business unit or entity.
Introduce relevant and effective methods of performance improvement and KPI’s with which to assess these

3. Knowledge Management

We at BethAri recognise that Knowledge Management is a holistic initiative across the entire organisation, and an integral part of every knowledge workers daily responsibilities. We also understand that Knowledge Management, in summary, is about

We help our clients understand that decision making involves bringing together discrete pieces of information and provide further guidance so that our clients understand how informed decision progresses from data, to information and finally to knowledge; understand the importance of culture, communication and commitment in knowledge management. Our approach to sustainable knowledge management starts by creating the right environment for managing knowledge within an organisation and therefore accounting for knowledge as an organisational asset; and ascertaining that your business entity’s knowledge base is sustainable. We will implement tools with which to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of communication systems.